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We have been selling EAN-13 barcodes for 8 years now.

Barcodes Services Pvt Ltd which offers authentic barcode numbers, is committed to simplifying and making accessible the process of getting your products on store shelves with valid, unique barcodes

Barcodes Services Pvt Ltd sells EAN-13 barcodes, also known as GTIN-13 barcodes. These are internationally recognised and unique 13 digit identifiers for products. This is the most widespread format except in the US, where UPC-12(GTIN-12) barcodes are favoured. But most of their retailers now also support the EAN-13 format barcodes.

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No hidden charges or fees. Once you buy your barcodes there are no renewal fees, no membership fees, and your barcodes will never expire. Get a Certificate of Authenticity transferring ownership of the EAN numbers to you

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